Posted by: michelenel | 11 February, 2012

Things to do with freezer paper…..

…..which have nothing to do with the freezer.

I bought this roll of paper a few years ago in the expectation of using it for a quilt but have as yet not got that far because I have other techniques on hand and also because of the large volume of other non-sewing related projects on my plate.  Instead it came in handy for a gift I need to make which needs me to print  a picture onto fabric using an inkjet printer.  Following a few different tutorials on the web, I ironed the freezer paper to the fabric and cut it to the size of an A4 page and after creating an old world image began the printing process.  The first page was a disaster because the stupid printer didn’t feed it properly and crunched it into a useless mess.  Not deterred, I made another paper/fabric sandwich and tried again – with much more success.  Now to add a frame of patchwork blocks and finish them with a bit of quilting and hey presto, it should be a table place mat – soon; and then the pictures will follow.

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