Posted by: michelenel | 9 February, 2012

Less talk, more action…..

Hopefully you have made the decision to actually try making a Roman blind, so let’s spring into action.

Decision time – you need to decide whether your blind is going on the inside of the frame or on the outside of the frame i.e. across the window and therefore wider than the window or recessed inside the frame. Your decision will depend on whether you prefer one to the other or whether it is more practical to have the blind closer to the window panes or not. Think about whether you are going to add a decorative curtain on a pole or a pelmet because then you may want your blind on the inside. If you have no space above or next to your window then this may be another reason to have it inside rather than outside, or if, like me, you want the beauty of the sash to shine through.

Once you have decided measure the actual size you want the finished blind – the height (or drop) and the width. If you have a really wide opening then you may have to make more than one blind. I apply a general rule of thumb – if it is wider than 1 meter consider two blinds but if it is very lightweight fabric you could get away with one.

So now for the really lazy bit on my part – I have had years of practice making blinds but when it came to putting together the tutorial, I found that there were already a few really good ones out there and being a very, very busy lady cannot see the point of reinventing the wheel – especially one that is so well made. Therefore, you will find a wonderful video tutorial here.. Thank you very much to the ladies at mydecozofor a very professional, well made tutorial.

The one thing I will mention is that I NEVER use the purchased mechanism because I prefer the good old-fashioned wooden batten with hook eyes but try them both and see what you think.

Happy sewing!






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