Posted by: michelenel | 8 February, 2012

Roman blinds – the benefits…..

Okay, so you think you want to make a Roman blind, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits?

A Roman blind is a flat, usually lined piece of fabric the size of your window with rods and rings attached at set intervals to keep it flat, neat and tidy with cord attached to the rings to raise it up and down.20120207-104411.jpg

Benefits –

You use less fabric than a curtain.

You can make then from just about any fabric – sheer, light or heavy weight. I made them from other old curtains, bed spreads, quilt covers, sheets. I saw a wonderful example recently made up out of striped kitchen tea towels for a small kitchen window – whatever fabric you love, give it a go.

They lie flat inside or outside a window casing.

Look pretty, neat and tidy from outside as well as inside.

Easy to open and close.

They don’t detract from the beauty of a picture window but enhance it.

Stylish – they don’t go out of fashion like some window treatments.

You can make one or many depending on the size (width) of the window or door.

You can make then to fit on a door and it won’t get in the way of opening/closing.

They block or filter unwanted sunlight – make the sheer for filtering light in and thicker to block light (especially in a babies room).

Adjustable to any height by pulling the cord higher or lower.

Need I say more, because I could!

And most importantly, once you have the hang of it these are really easy to make and you do NOT need to spend hundreds of pounds getting someone to make them for you!



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