Posted by: michelenel | 7 February, 2012

It’s not blindingly obvious!

Well, not until you know how anyway.

Today we are going to chat about all things Roman – blinds that is.  I have always adored blinds of almost all types – that is to say, any fabric blinds.  You will not find a venetian or vertical blind anywhere near my house because I think they make a home look like an ugly 1980s office block (is it just me or did the 80s really not do tasteful?), but each to his own I suppose.

Our beautiful stone listed house (once a public house and inn) has quite a few windows and every single one is a Georgian sash; lovely looking and I wouldn’t change them for anything, but not as great at keeping heat in as modern double glazed units.  So after doing some research, I found out that if you seal as much of the drafts around the sash as possible and use shutters or close-fitting blinds inside the window casings you can actually get your windows efficiency up to around the same standard as on a regular modern window – obviously not the super-duper treble glazed ones that the Swedes use, but when you cannot change your windows it is a great start.  It therefore made sense to install blinds because it will also make it quicker to open and close up the house each day and definitely  easier from a wheelchair.

So over the next few weeks you will see me hard at work and on a mission to dress the windows and hopefully pass on some of the tips and tricks of creating a beautiful, durable and practical window dressing.




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