Posted by: michelenel | 6 February, 2012


For many years now, I have been making hand embroidered teddy bears for special people in my life.  Now I know not everyone has one but seriously do you know how much work goes into creating a one-of-a-kind handmade teddy?  I have a few photos of these lying around somewhere and will someday post a little gallery but in the meantime I wanted to share this little treasure that I was asked to create for a charity raffle.  Not having months to complete it, I decided to have a go at machine embroidery instead and the results didn’t turn out badly at all.  The only addition to the machine work is the hand embroidered bee that adorns all of my teddies.

My teddies are extra special because they are all made from recycled and previously loved wool coats which are lovingly unstitched, cut up, embroidered, re-stitched, jointed, stuffed and that’s that – a beautiful new woollen bear – what a charmer.





  1. How lovely. I appreciate highly hobby to make them. Here where I live we have

    Teddy bear museum.

    I hope that You can get some ideas from there.

    I love Your blog. It is full with interesting things!

    • Thank you very much Sartenada. I am very blessed to have the ability to make beautiful things and teach others how to make things themselves rather than just buying mass produced items.

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