Posted by: michelenel | 29 January, 2012

To wash or not to wash?

Now that really is a question close to the heart of a quilter.  The debate continues every time a new quilter joins the hobby – should I wash the fabric before I start or not?

Here are a few thoughts so you can make your own informed decision….

When to wash:

If you have chosen various types of fabric that may shrink at different rates.

If you are going to use some old fabric stock and some new fabric and you cannot remember of the old ones have been wash – don’t take a chance – wash the all again.

If you have mixed some very dark and lights fabrics that are going to run when you wash your quilt in the future – Do you want to risk runs when you have spent weeks or months working on your quilt?

If you are prone to allergies and the chemicals and stabilisers on fabric exacerbate it.

When not to wash:

If you are never going to wash your quilt e.g. a wall display.

If your pieces are really small and shrinkage is unlikely to make a difference.

If you are going for the slightly crumpled vintage look.

For me, it is always pre-wash; after all, the washing and ironing process is all part of getting to know your fabric – love your quilt from beginning to end!

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