Posted by: michelenel | 20 January, 2012

Southport treasure…..

Things Southport is known for…..
Southport rock
Floral Hall
Queen Victorias visit
The lawnmower museum
The promenade
And the sea that you never see!!

Now to add to the list is a wonderful little shop just off the dunes.

I mentioned that I am starting a quilting morning for friends and family and having only a couple of quilts on the go at the moment felt it was essential to stock up on just a few more fat quarters or more! Hunting the Internet for days and I eventually stumble across a store that I have never heard or seen in all our years of going to Southport – Crafts and Quilts – what a find. A true treasure trove with great fabrics at great prices and the NICEST people who helped us and put up with four over excited women, two babies and a 3 year old and still had time to make us tea and biscuits. Three hours later with bulging bags of purchases and freebies, we are ready to stitch.
This is one store that will definitely see us again – sorry hubby but surely after 32 years you realise that there is no such thing as too much fabric!



  1. Love that shop … I try not to head that way too often my bank manager always knows when Ive been there! lol lovely family who run that shop!

    • Hi, I know exactly what you mean about the bank manager – I bought fabric for two quilts last week and gifted another 5 yards to some youngsters in my quilting group – not quite beans on toast yet, but I had better not go back for a month or two!
      Happy quilting.

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