Posted by: michelenel | 21 December, 2010

Winter warmer…..

It seems that the latest trend in head-gear is a head/ear warmer and this seemed like the ideal project for me to make for one of our girls for Christmas. I had the perfect fluffy mohair wool which I had bought in a few different colours at a sale – odd balls of wool are perfect for this type of project.

The band itself is extremely easy if you already have the hang of making nice neat squares. The flower could be a little trickier, but if you are not confident enough to make your own, these are easily found in craft and haberdashery stores.

Headband Instructions:
1) Chain (ch) 15,
2) Half double crotchet (hdc) into third stitch from hook and then into each of the following 12 chain (13 stitches), ch 2 and turn,
3) Repeat row 2 until the band fits around your head – ensure you keep the work the same width throughout,
4) Join the first row and the last row together with a needle and thread or by using a slip stitch (sc),
5) Tie off the ends of your threads and stitch them into your work to hide the ‘tails’.

Flower Instructions:
Either purchase a decorative attachment – a flower or even a brooch is ideal, or
Find a pattern you like here.

To Finish:
Attach your decoration with matching wool,
Wear with pride!

Notes: you can make this with any wool you like and also don’t get too fixated on using the same stitches; just get creative and as long as it works out to be a long narrow band, you have done it.

Happy stitching.


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