Posted by: michelenel | 21 November, 2010

Pompom hat anyone?

I started making these hats out of my head when our daughter fell pregnant a couple of years ago and they were such a hit that I have made them in adult sizes for the larger children in the family – married ones that is!
My enthusiastic daughter is always asking me to add some tutorials to my blog so this is a great place top start.

Baby Ear-flap Bonnet
Notes: this was worked in 4ply with a 3mm hook but you can increase the size by using thicker wool and a larger needle. Experiment – that’s how I landed up with mine!  Try stripes by picking up stitches in the front (that is how I made the stripes in this version), with or without earflaps, a plaited tassle instead of a pompom and of course striped colours etc, etc, etc.

ch 75
sc to join into a circle
sc into each ch to form your first round

continue until work measures 3.5 to 4cm or 8 rounds – this forms the turn-up.
change direction and start working sc in rounds as follows….
the reason for the change of direction is to ensure when you turn up the rim your work looks the same, but if you like the contrast then just continue in the round without turning round.

Option 1. Continue in the round using sc
Option 2. Continue in the round using half treble
Depending on your choice will determine how many rounds you will need to complete, but work until it measures 6cm from where you turned round.
Continuing in the round, decrease 6 stitches evenly around the hat.
Continue decreasing in the same place on each round until you have 10 stitches left.
Fasten off.
Using a needle, sew the hole closed and add a large pompom to the top.
Turn up the brim and if needed you can stitch it in a few places around the edge to stop it unrolling.

Ear-flaps (optional):
Rejoin yarn and stitch 14 sc along edge of hat – closer to the back than front.
4 rows in sc.
Reduce one stitch on each side of next row.
3 rows in sc.
Repeat last 4 rows.
Fasten off
Repeat for other ear but add a buttonhole on the 3rd last row.
Sew on a button.
Sew in all your loose ends.
Place on head, stand back and say aaahhh…



  1. Rock ‘n roll!! Love the over-sized pom-pom.

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