Posted by: michelenel | 17 November, 2010

Take cling film, olive oil and one finger…..

Okay, keep you mind out the gutter for just a second! All of the above were to be essential actors in my little ring drama earlier this evening.

You know the story – good intentions are swamped by a little cake here and a tiny sweetie there and before you know it the pounds have piled on and that ring you kept meaning to remove before it was too late, suddenly requires major surgery to remove.

Considering my wedding band has only been off my finger once in our 31 years of marriage and you can understand why I am a little stressed about having to have it cut off the sausage-shaped digit.

Why the sudden urgency – after all I have left it for years already – what harm in leaving it in case I lose some weight (guffaw!!). Get real lady; wake up and smell the decaf. No, the catalyst comes in the form of an NHS envelope with my appointment for a full body MRI – yep, I am off to be stuffed into a big tube with a rather large magnetic and I am told metal could be a little bit of an issue. Brief panic attack followed by my usual need to take control and make it happen. Onto the internet for some advice and within minutes I have the tools in hand – cling film, olive oil and a fierce determination to make this work.

Step 1. move rings as far up the finger as you can (towards your wrist).

Step 2. take thin strips of cling film and working from the ring tightly wrap the finger all the way to the fingertip.

Step 3. Watch finger turn blue!!

Step 4. Douse the rings and finger in oil, working it under the ring.

Step 5. I used twisting, circular movements towards the fingertip. This took ages and I kept adding more oil. Whatever you do DO NOT PANIC. It is a little painful but you should slowly see the ring move over the cling film.

Step 6. Remove the now tatty cling film and sigh with relief that it didn’t get stuck half way.

Et voila! One eternity ring and one platinum wedding band discarded in the basin (with the plug in please – we don’t want any more drama tonight). Now I can go for my scan without fear of the giant magnet ripping the finger off as my hand with ring attached becomes permanently embedded in the wall of the scanner.

Now, do I lose the weight or go and have the rings made bigger?


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