Posted by: michelenel | 19 August, 2010

The Good Green Stuff….

Our daughter and family came to visit on the weekend – what a treat – and I happened to mention that I had tried to buy some Pesto sauce in the supermarket but they were all made with cashew nuts.  Not a problem for most people but just as I have a deadly allergy to all things fishy, my son-in-law has a similar problem with cashew nuts.  Now we love him too much  to try and do him in – even though hubby garnished his ice-cream and chocolate sauce with a sprinkle of cashews on Saturday – so rather safe than sorry, we put it back on the shelf.  She told me that she had a recipe for home-made Pesto sauce from BBC Good Food and she forwarded this to me.

A quick trip to the shop for pine nuts and parmesan (I already had the garlic, olive oil and basil) and within a few minutes we had a nice big batch of the green goo – what a powerful flavour.  Hubby can’t wait to try it out so we are having broccoli and Pesto with our dinner.

As always, I don’t do things in small quantities and landed up with enough for a big jar for the fridge; two little jars for the family and an ice-cube tray in the freezer – not sure how well this will work, but am giving it a try anyway.

Bon appetit…..

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