Posted by: michelenel | 23 May, 2010

On the Cheapside!

There is an old English saying – “as cheap as chips”!  I am not sure about the origins, but this definitely applies to my latest project.  On a trip to Hobbycraft with the girls in the family, I stumbled across a stash of quilting fabric that was on sale.  I have heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and never were truer words spoken than when I happened upon a few tractor and digger fabrics that no-one else seemed inspired to use.  I jumped at the chance of a fabric bargain because – a) quilting fabric in the UK is extortionate and b) my grandson is mad, mad, mad about any form of farm/construction implement (the type they are talking about when you see a sign saying “heavy plant crossing” and you imagine the triffid on its way to the corner cafe.

I really wanted to make a quicky quilt because otherwise there is a very real and present danger of it becoming another UFO!  To anyone who does not yet know me, and thousands of other fabric and craft enthusiasts, this stands for Un-finished objects.  I really love log cabin quilts and haven’t made one before but thought it ideal and easy for a quick weekend project.

The irony of quilting is not lost on me!  Take  a quantity of perfectly good fabric, cut up into smaller pieces and then sew back together!  What?  Yes, I know it isn’t logical and I used to pooh, pooh the idea before I got completely hooked many years ago.

Six lovely, skew log cabin blocks later, and I am ready to join them together to form the basic top layer.  I joined them together in brown – this is called the sashing.  Then add your border – the frame around the outside, and you are now ready for the backing, batting and edging.

Quick and easy – just the way I like my projects.  I even have enough fabric left over to make a matching pillowcase.

Next weekend, I will join it all together and present it to one very excited 2-year-old….


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