Posted by: michelenel | 3 May, 2010

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble….

For many years I have wanted to try my hand at soap and salve making and after our trip to Scotland where I bought a lovely salve made with honey and tea tree oil, I was newly inspired.  The salve worked really well on small sore and dry patches and I thought – why not try making it myself!  Being a book-a-holic, it doesn’t take much to convince me to buy a new book and a few days later a few new books on soap and handmade cosmetics arrived.  Many days of reading and research later, I picked up a few ingredients to add to my larder and I was ready to begin.

For my first attempt, I made a headache balm mixing and matching a few recipes I had found.  I think it needs a little less beeswax to be slightly softer and made a note of this on my recipe card, but other than that, it was a resounding success.  Next was a batch of honey and tea tree antiseptic cream – what a wonderful smell!  This is a great little pot to have around for all those small bumps and scrapes – it works wonders to convince a two-year old that things are ‘all better’!

Last but not least, I ended with a batch of body butter made with avocado and jojoba oils and scented with lavender and rose.  I adjusted this with a little more oil as it also set a little too firm on the first saucer test.  They turned out a lovely green colour when placed into the recycled glass moisturiser bottles.

Job well done!  I think this has been a wonderful experience and the next batch will be some baby calming balm and some home crafted soaps.



  1. Ooh! Christmas pressies ahoy? Actually, I can’t wait that long!

    • Mmmmm! How did you guess – I will have some supplies available for the next visit!

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