Posted by: michelenel | 29 March, 2010

Thank goodness for stork parties…

…. because it gave me the kick I needed to get some more crafty stuff done!
This year has proven an abyssmal failure in the craft morning department. Usually I get together with a bunch of friends to work on our projects (whatever it is, we help with advice or just a great cuppa – ably assisted by my gorgeous hubby – thank you; you are the berries). So far this year, between all of us it is either building projects, sickness, tiredness, shopping, family commitments etc etc…. that have got in the way. We really must try harder after Easter!
Anyway, luckily for me, I work well under pressure (you know what they say about an expert – a drip under pressure) and because I was going to a stork party/baby shower, I galvanised into action and produced a lovely stripy elephant. A bit more work with all the colour changing but the end result was definitely worth it.
Enjoy! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later that we meet again….


  1. So cute! Sooner rather than later please. And can we have some tutorials please?? Your nappy holder would be great to have!

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