Posted by: michelenel | 5 January, 2010

Snowed in and disillusioned….

Okay, so coming from Africa I always loved the ‘idea’ of snow because I did not see actual snow until I was over 30; and I had to come to England to see it.  Anyway, what I am trying to get at is that I think I am in love with the image of snow but quickly becoming un-enamored with it in actuality – does anyone else feel like this?  Let me elaborate – I really, really want to go outside and mess around in it, but a minute or so later, I realise that it is not just pretty but FREEZING too!  The pictures never show you that side of it, do they?  I always pictured being out in the lovely white countryside with beautiful blue skies and sunshine but so far I’m not feeling like the postcard image portrayal.  Rather, I am at home snowed in – all of the roads to work are closed and hubby and I have to brave the icy conditions to get to the shop before we are unable to drive even the short distance to the local.  I would hate to be snowed in without access to a lovely cuppa or a latte and Christmas biscuits.  What a waste!

 I think I will console myself by starting a new Amigurumi – maybe it will have to be a polar bear…..


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