Posted by: michelenel | 5 January, 2010

All dressed up and snow place to go……

Do you get it? It’s all right, I thought it was funny anyway.

Safely back from our 1 mile trek to the village – it is mental out there. The roads are a complete mess and we slipped and slid around and eventually parked up and did the last bit on foot – well hubby did anyway – I was in my trusty off road wheelchair which behaved beautifully – apart from the rather nasty jolt when we did not see the pavement under the snow! We did get up it though and safely arrived at the shop where we stocked up on a few litres of milk – all the bread was sold out of course, so we will have to take the trusty old bread maker out of the cupboard and dust it off for a few days. Ahhh, there is nothing like fresh hot bread and some butter and now we have milk to have that cuppa we were talking about.

So you see, I did manage to take my new hat and winter woolies out for an airing after all…..

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