Posted by: michelenel | 26 December, 2009

Lost and found….

Is it just us, or does anyone else have a set of offspring that cannot visit without leaving at least one item behind for me to either post or hand deliver at a future date?

Ever since the three married and flew the coop, we have had this perennial problem, and no matter how well we check the house – room by room – before the departure, they still manage to misplace something. It is almost like a little reminder for us not to miss them too much – which we do anyway!

So, for this Christmas visit the following items are in the lost and found pile –

Couple 1 – 1 jersey; 1 pair of gloves and 2 bangles – but on the negative side for us, they did remember the baby!

Couple 2 – 1 pair of glove/mittens, 2 children’s toys and a small baby book, 2 necklaces and 2 rings – and I almost gained a PS3!

Couple 3 – 1 book, 1 strap for a new Nintendo DS and 1 portable hard-drive with a host of useful things to watch during our next few days off – thank you.

Mmmmm – what about an online auction…..


  1. Ha! 1 purple jumper- mine! Since I only left one thing, do I get the prize??

    • Ha! to you too. What about the bangles and gloves? Sorry no prizes this time, but maybe if you forget the baby…..

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